Mission and Main Objectives:

  • Coordinate a casting moulding line from a global scope point of view (quotation, designs, processes, quality issues and follow up activities).
  • Coordinate and develop improvement activities acording to legal requeriments.

Main Tasks & Responsibilities:

  • Moulding line coordination (PE engineering point of view)
  • Core shop outsourcing supervision.
  • ON-site fettling start of activity.
  • Times re-evaluation to improve headcounts reduction activities.
  • Ergonomic studies and improvement to achive OSHAS target ( Zero Range A and B).
  • Update and unify drawing of pouring ladles to meet safety regulations.
  • Design and certification of devides.
  • New instalations activities.
  • 2D ; 3D drawing activities.

Function: Manufacturing & Production Engineering

Type of Contract: Fixed Term Contract

Site / Location of Position:Spain – Cantabria