SUDOE Interreg IV B is recruiting Communications and Capitalisation Officer and 2 Project Officers

Project Officers Communications and Capitalisation Officer

Joint Secretariat of the SUDOE Programme

The joint secretariat will be under the responsibility of the Managing Authority and will be settled in Santander (Spain). The joint secretariat will assist the Managing Authority, the Monitoring Committee, the Steering Committee, the National Authorities and the Certifying Authority, in the terms to be agreed, the Audit Authority, to develop their main functions.

Main functions:

The general functions of the Joint Secretariat are listed in the paragraph 2 of the art. 23 of the Regulation (EU) No 1299/2013. They include the provision of information to the potential beneficiaries about the funding opportunities by the Programme, as well as the assistance to the implementation of the projects. Specifically, the Joint Secretariat:

Secures, in a transnational level, the coordination, the monitoring and the promotion of the activities of the Programme;
Provides technical support for the preparation of meetings and for the venues of the Programme (Monitoring Committees, Transnational Conferences, transnational working groups, etc.);

Receives the project proposals from the beneficiaries (through the lead beneficiary), verify the admisibility of the proposals, carry out the administrative assessment of the proposals in collaboration with the Member States, and paying special attention to put in place of the admisibility and selection criteria; finally, the joint secretariat write up the assessment reports;

Centralises the information about the physical and financial projects and Programme implementation, and is in charge of the transmission to the Programme Authorities;

Secures the record of the aproved operations about their implementation ans monitoring in an informatic database;

Checks the requests for payments made by the lead beneficiary, In accordance with the distribution of roles with the National Authorities in control; it prepares the requests for payments to be sent out by the Managing Authority to the Certification Authority;

Is responsible for the implementation of the tasks of information, advertising and communication of the Programme, in particular the general communication of the programme and the information and dissemination of the calls for projects in accordance with the guidelines agreed by the Monitoring Committee and the instructions of the Managing Authority;

Finally, the Joint Secretariat will be able to run all the tasks which can be entrusted by the Monitoring or Selection Committees, as well as by the Managing Authority.

At the end of the selection process, the Joint Secretariat will be a transnational team composed by 8 persons:

  • 1 Director;
  • 4 Project Officers;
  • 1 Financial Officer;
  • 1 Communication and Capitalization Officer;
  • 1 Administrative Assistant