At Eni, we are looking for a Methodology and Settlement Data Analyst within Eni Plenitude Iberia S.L.U. in Santander, Spain. You will be responsible for analyzing, modelling, ETL and reporting results to other teams/areas of the company.

As a member of the portfolio management and trading department at Eni Plenitude Iberia S.L.U. you will be responsible for:

  • Feeding, transforming, and maintaining relevant data, either in support of own tools and models or those of other areas.
  • Proactively collecting, managing, and analyzing data.
  • Developing short- and long-term forecasting models (whether for demand, pricing, or any other need).
  • Continuously analyzing variables, metrics and indicators related to the above models to make improvements and control risk.

This is the opportunity for you if you have these skills and requirements:

  • Experience in Data Scientist / Data Analyst.
  • Professional with analytical and synthesis skills, able to provide data analysis tools and metrics to other teams.
  • Advanced knowledge of statistics and tools (Python, SQL…) to provide practical insights from data analysis.
  • Willingness to learn and challenge current processes and tools.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Professional.
  • Knowledge of design, definition, and development of dashboards (PBI).